Clearway Expands Cloud Services Practice

Clearway's demonstrated leadership in clooud services including Microsoft Office 365 and Azure, has resulted in growth and expansion of services to include all areas of the United States. "We have now successfully implemented Microsoft cloud solutions from coast-to-coast", said Gene Rodgers, CEO of Clearway. "Our commitment to customer success and Microsoft technologies has been consistent since we founded the company over 20 years ago. When we founded Clearway in 1997, our strategy was to deliver Microsoft technology based business solutions that generated competitive advantages and that is still our core focus", said Gene Rodgers, Chief Executive Officer of Clearway.microsoft1

"Seventeen Partner of the Year Awards later, we are still focused on the same strategy. We have had many firsts as a managed Microsoft partner. We were the first SharePoint partner, the first partner to evangelize .NET, and one of the first Microsoft cloud partners."