StorSimple is a new class of storage technology called cloud-integrated storage, or CiS. CiS combines a number of storage technologies, including iSCSI SAN, snapshot, backup, deduplication and compression with storage services offered by cloud service providers. The CiS architecture brings new management capabilities that organizations should consider for their implementations.

StorSimple is the leader in cloud-integrated storage for Windows and VMware environments. StorSimple securely and transparently integrates the cloud with on-premises enterprise storage through a single solution that delivers high-performance tiered storage, live archiving, and cloud-based data protection/disaster recovery, reducing costs by up to 80 percent compared to traditional enterprise storage. Contact Clearway to learn more.

Companies are focusing on their Windows and VMware infrastructures and want to:

  • Dramatically reduce the escalating cost of their enterprise storage infrastructure across primary, archival, data protection and disaster recovery
  • Eliminate tape and get instant backup and restore in minutes not days
  • Simplify the management of multiple storage devices with separate management interfaces

StorSimple enables Enterprise and Mid-Sized customers to:

Reduce Storage Infrastructure Costs

Integrating multiple storage devices into one cloud-integrated storage solution slashes infrastructure costs, energy consumption and rack space requirements.

Reduce Storage Management Costs

Separate primary storage, archival, backup/restore and dsaster recovery infrastructure means multiple separate management consoles. One integrated console makes it dramatically simpler to manage the whole storage infrastructure; freeing up people from spending their time moving data from device to device to more value-add activities.

Reduce Storage Silo Waste

Storage capacity silos are replaced by one elastic storage pool with consistent deduplication and integrated cloud high availability.

Get the Recovery Point Objective You Need at the Cost You Want

StorSimple local and cloud snapshot technology enables instant and frequent backups instead of a typical daily backup; allowing you to deliver the RPO you need, at the price you want.

Get the Recovery Time Objective You Need at the Cost You Want

StorSimple local and cloud snapshot technology delivers instant restore in seconds not hours. In the case of a failure, Cloud Snapshots and Cloud Clones offer the offsite data protection of the cloud. Multi-location Disaster Recovery is now as fast and simple as mounting a Cloud Snapshot or Cloud Clone volume. Now you can replace tape and not have to double your infrastructure investment.

Get the Consistent Backup and Recovery You Want for Your Applications

StorSimple offers full support for VSS application consistent backups. One Click for automated application level backup and recovery.

Get the Granularity of Recovery You Want for Your Applications

As well as offering complete volume group recovery, StorSimple offers item level recovery of individual files, SharePoint Lists or content.

Get the Performance You Want for the Application You Want

StorSimple offers pre-configured, optimized volumes for Windows File Shares, VMware libraries, SharePoint content, log files or databases.

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