Predictable Business Value at Predictable Cost

The benefits of cloud computing are now well established. Momentum has shifted to private and public cloud-based solutions that improve agility, reduce costs, and allow organizations to maintain focus on core competencies. Cloud solutions have achieved critical mass resulting in flexible, cost-effective solutions and adoption of cloud solutions is accelerating. Cloud service offerings are now covering most areas of IT including: storage-as-a-service, business-process-as-a-service, data-analytics-as-a-service, security-as-a-service, line of business applications-as-a-service, business intelligence-as-a-service and many more.Cloud-Focus-300

Clearway pioneered cloud-based solutions, delivering its first cloud-based customer solution, an electronic prescribing solution for physicians in 1998. The challenge was daunting; how to provide the same solution to a one-doctor office or a major hospital. The answer was and still is the cloud.

Clearway has helped clients reduce their IT spend by 20%-to-50% with agile cloud-based solutions, while allowing IT resources to refocus on more important business objectives.

Managing the Transition

The journey to the cloud must be carefully planned. Is there a roadmap for your applications to migrate to the cloud? How will I manage quality of service and user experience? Will the migration require tools? How do I manage this transition? How does the cloud affect governance? Can I integrate with my legacy systems? What are the risks and how do I mitigate them? To help answer these questions and manage their transition to the cloud, CIOs need a new type of partner—one with a lot more expertise in the cloud.

Clearway Offerings

  • Cloud Assessments
  • Exchange Online
  • SharePoint Online
  • Lync Online
  • Azure Data Management
  • Azure Application Development

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